Question Papers
Paper 1. Elements of Economics-I Paper 1. Communication Skill-II;
Paper 2. Communication Skill-I Paper 2. Communication & soft Skill-II
>Paper 3. Computer Application-I Paper 3. Computer Application-II
Paper 4. Communication & soft Skill-I Paper 4. Elements of Economics-II
Paper 5. Financila Accounting-I Paper 5. Financila Accounting-II
Paper 6. Quantitative Method-I Paper 6. Quantitative Method-II
Paper 7. Managarial Economics-I Paper 7.Managarial Economics-II
Paper 8. Principles of Management-I Paper 8. Principles of Management-II
Paper 1. Computer application-III Paper 1. Computer application-IV
Paper 2. Financial Management-I Paper 2. Financial Management-II
Paper 3. Human Resource Management-I Paper 3. Management Accounting-II
Paper 4. Management Accounting-I Paper 4. Quantitative Method-IV
Paper 5. Marketing Management-I Paper 5. Marketing Management-II
Paper 6. Organization Behaviour-I Paper 6. Organization Behaviour-II
Paper 7. Production Management-I Paper 7. Production Management-II
Paper 8. Quantitative Method-III Paper 8. Human Resource Management-II
Paper 1. Services Management I Paper 1. Services Management II
Paper 2. Entrepreneurship Development-I Paper 2. Research Methodology II
Paper 3. Business Environment-I Paper 3. Business Environment II
Paper 4. Elements of Strategic Management I Paper 4. Elements of Strategic Management II
Paper 5. New Project Management Paper 5.Specialization Paper-III
Paper 6. Research Methodology I Paper 6. Specialization Paper-IV
Paper 7.Specialization Paper-I Paper 7.Project in the area of specialization
Paper 8.Specialization Paper-II  

Specialization Papers for V & VI Semesters of BBA

Semester-V               Marketing              Semester-VI
Advanced Marketing-I Advanced Marketing-II
Export Management-I Export Management-II
Semester-V             Finance             Semester-VI
Advanced Financial Management-I Advanced Financial Management-II
Stock Exchange & Portfolio Management-I Stock Exchange & Portfolio Management-II
Semester-V         Human Resources Management        Semester-VI
Advanced Personnel Management-I Advanced Personnel Management-II
Advance Human Resources Management-I Advance Human Resources Management-II

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